Who Are We

All anglers thrive in the arena of conflict, whether it is man vs. man, man vs. nature, or man vs. predator. LIVETARGET is a brand that lives in the primal space of competition.

Our connection and commitment to the primal spirit of competition drives us to create and build lures that give anglers a distinct competitive edge. Our baits are designed to trigger more bites on any given water. Their realism helps you crack the code on ever-changing patterns. They give you the confidence to endure any situation that tests oneís commitment to the hunt, ultimately helping you outthink and outfish your opponent with the expectation to win. With LIVETARGET lures, you will be the boat everyone else is watching.

What Are We

LIVETARGET baits are designed and engineered to build unwavering confidence through measurable success: catching fish. Through a highly evolved research and development process, no detail is overlooked and no shortcuts are taken to achieve perfection.

Expect nothing less than anatomically precise profiles, ultra-realistic details and meticulously tuned, species-specific actions. By creating baits that look and act like natural forage, theyíre no longer baits. They become real.

Why Are We

The livewell doesn't lie. It has always been about the numbers; it always will be.  Better baits catch more fish, period.

We crave the win, whether we're competing against the fish, ourselves, the conditions, or our opponents. That's LIVETARGET; the Nature of Competition.

We Are Livetarget