LIVETARGET is a premiere fishing lure brand owned by Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp (2007) with headquarters in Ontario, Canada.  Circulation is global throughout North America and other international markets.

LIVETARGET lures feature industry-leading designs in realism and workmanship; anatomically accurate life-like lures that “MATCH THE HATCH®” and prove ideal for targeting all varieties of game fish.

A significant factor in the creation of the LIVETARGET brand is the leadership and artistic interpretation by its founder Grant Koppers, a former fishing guide of the Great Lakes.  His hands on experience identified market gaps that this development filled. Grant gathered a team of specialists around him with countless years of experience. For team LIVETARGET fishing is not a hobby, it’s a passion!

With 750+ unique models of LIVETARGET fishing lures, each angler has the opportunity to select a lure that best suits their technique and targeted game fish in both fresh and saltwater conditions. LIVETARGET has a perfect lure for every angler!