Stephen Browning

Hometown: Hot Springs, AR

Pro Career: Stephen is a 20 year veteran of the Bassmaster Tournament trail and a 3 time B.A.S.S. event winner.  With over a million dollars in career winnings and participation in 10 Bassmaster Classics, Stephen is a seasoned and well respected angler.  Stephen’s pursuits as an outdoorsman are especially well rounded as he is also a proven saltwater fisherman, an avid hunter, and he was the winner of the ESPN Wilderness competition in 2003.


Favorite LT lure: HFC Crawfish Crankbait. “Being from an area with many highland type reservoirs, the HFC stays on the deck of my LIVETARGET Triton. The HFC is my ‘go- to’ when I want a lure to deflect off of rock and wood. Fish it around the transition areas and you too will have it tied on as much as I do.

Dave Mercer

David Walker

Hometown: Sevierville, Tennessee

Pro Career: David has a distinctive bass fishing resume having fished on both the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tour level events for over 25 years. He is a past FLW Angler of the Year, B.A.S.S. event champion, and has notched over 57 Top 10 tournament results in B.A.S.S. and FLW competition. Walker is noted to be a versatile angler on any type of fishery, and is a true sportsman.


Favorite LT lure: Yearling Crankbait YCB50M in Pearl/Olive Shad color “In a short amount of time, this lure has quickly become one of my favorite crankbaits. The unbelievable realism in the Yearling pattern combined with the excellent castability due to the weight transfer system makes this one great bait.”

Henry Waszczuk

Patrick Campeau

Hometown: Laval, Quebec

Pro Career: Patrick has earned the respect and listening ear of Canadian anglers with his 29 years of experience as an expert on Canadian fisheries and multi-species angling techniques. With his many tournament wins, his honorary awards from the Canadian Sport Fishing Industry, and his inclusion in the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame, Campeau is a standout personality to anglers all across Canada, and a great fit to the core heritage of LIVETARGET.


Also, Patrick is a prolific author of educational fishing content and frequent speaker on multi-species angling in Canada. Campeau has regular fishing columns and reports in a variety of publications and media including: Le Journal de Montreal, Sentier Quad VTT, Les Plaisanciers, Le Guide du Pêcheur, and can be heard daily on radio broadcasts carried by 55 stations across Quebec.

Favorite LIVETARGET lure:  "When I fish, I want to use the right tool to get the best result. It is really important to use the most realistic bait that imitates the local forage, especially when the going gets tough. My preferred bait in the incredible LIVETARGET assortment is the Yearling Jerkbait."

Jason South

Scott Martin

Hometown: Clewiston, FL

Pro Career: As the reigning FLW Tour "Angler of the Year," 6x Tour wins, and past FLW Cup Champion, Scott has a proven career as an exceptional tournament angler with over $2.3M in tournament winnings and 15 years of experience. Along with his national tournament schedule, Scott finds time to host and produce a TV show, " The Scott Martin Challenge" which is entering its 11th season on the air.

TV Show: "The Scott Martin Challenge"


Favorite LIVETARGET lure: "I'm going to have to answer this with what makes LIVETARGET so appealing to me: assortment and versatility is what I needed from LIVETARGET, and with over 750+ lures built around so many forage types and technique styles, I'm now capable of using a unique and premium lure for virtually any technique or species I encounter in bass tournaments or in filming my TV show. Versatility and uniqueness translate to my favorite trait with LIVETARGET."

Anthony Gagliardi

Jeremy Lawyer

Hometown: Sarcoxie, MO

Pro Career:   As the current reigning BFL All-American champion, Lawyer is coming off one of his best seasons ever.  With over $300,000 in tournament winnings Jeremy has proven to be able to excel in some of the toughest tournament environments where 'locals' take aim at the top prizes.  With an amazing 35 top 10 finishes in 91 events on the FLW scoresheet, Jeremy has a performance pace that proves he has the tournament winning savvy.


Favorite LIVETARGET lure:  “The BaitBall Popper is my favorite topwater because it has a unique “blooping” sound and comes to rest in a very unique vertical orientation that really reveals the BaitBall fish images into the water.  This popper casts much better than other poppers of similar size, so I’m able to be super accurate with my lure placement near cover.  This is my best topwater lure;  it will catch ‘em!”

Todd Auten

Capt. Geoff Page

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Pro Career: Captain Page is a longtime Florida guide serving the Sarasota Bay Gulf Coast area.   Geoff has been a past Redfish Cup champion and most recently in 2017 was the CCA FL "Grand Champion" for the all release event.  Capt. Page's guide service, aptly named "Artifish-All" provides a great testing ground for all LIVETARGET saltwater lures, as Geoff services multi-species angling and does so year round. Capt. Page also reports on the West Central FL area via a weekly fishing report aired across Florida in the Chevy Insider Fishing Report.

Wedsite: Artifish-All Guide Service

Favorite Lure: Scaled Sardine Twitchbait.  "I've probably caught more fish, and more species of fish on this lure than any artificial lure I've ever used.  In our area of Florida, the whitebait (Scaled Sardines) are the key forage species, and all gamefish find these a favorite choice.  All you have to do is look at the LIVETARGET Scaled Sardine and see why this is such a great lure, as it looks just exactly like the size, color, and shape of baitfish out of my castnet.  I'll have to say however that the new Scaled Sardine swimbait is giving this a hard run as a favorite since it has been released.  You can't go wrong with either one!"